Thursday, October 16, 2014


Here are three "sketches" that I did a couple nights ago. If you follow this blog at all, you might recognize some of the elements with which I was "playing". I am compelled to comment on the "dark" sketch here on a number of levels. Firstly, I suppose you could say I was hesitant to post this composition. It does seem pretty "dark". But why should I feel hesitant to post it? Maybe it's because I don't consider myself a particularly dark person and I don't want viewers to "get the wrong idea". Part of me is hesitant because I don't want viewers to be "repulsed" by my work. On the other hand, if my work elicits any reaction, I suppose I should be pleased. Certainly folks go to see dark movies (some of which are violent). I just find it strange that I should care so much as to be hesitant (because I still am). But I will post it. On a less personal note perhaps is the interest I have in the base element (the substrate?) of the dark piece. My typical strategy is to go through vintage and contemporary magazines and rip or cut out pages that I find visually interesting. Sometimes I read about what the image is and sometimes I don't. The image here that looks like one boy is holding his hand over the other boys face is intense methinks. I like intensity. I don't recall the context of the photographic image, but I seem to recall that it was not as dark as it seems (although I can't be sure). And the fact that I don't have (and am almost precluded from re-obtaining) that specific information I think makes the image all that more intriguing. One of the primary reasons I love collaging is that it creates so many levels of intrigue!

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