Saturday, October 4, 2014


I try to stress upon my students when I am in class that "the process is much more important than 'the answer'"! I FINALLY got back into my studio this evening. It was great to be back! It was a little bit daunting initially, as I have not been doing much artwork lately (for a number of reasons). Anyway, I was just sort of getting my feet wet a little bit and exploring some placement of elements. In a very serendipitous manner, I ended up playing with this beautiful vintage photograph of an overloaded boat of Chinese people (note the photo of Mao in the back of the boat). I experimented with various elements and finally decided upon the one you see last here. However, I had many "candidate" compositional placements on the way. I love to document the "process" rather than simply show "the answer" (i.e., the finished composition). What you see is approximately a two hour "journey" to get to the final composition. The piece is 8" x 10" and is entitled "Love Boat (or My Night at Sea with Mao)"

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