Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Muy Steza" (4.5" x 6.5")

Here's the final version tacked down and framed (although I might consider a black frame for this piece) along with a couple of pieces by John Stezaker. Again, although I had no conscious motivation to do a Stezaker-like piece, it seems pretty clear that looking at (and thinking about) his work lately influenced this piece of mine. Interesting, methinks.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pareidolia and John Stezaker

Over the past month or so, I have been looking at the beautiful collage work of John Stezaker as I prepare a talk for this fall's joint meeting of Nomadikon (a group of scholars from Norway) and the Center for Seeing (SUNY, Albany). My talk will be about pareidolia, the phenomenon that occurs when individuals see faces in inanimate objects (like clouds and wood-grain). I am hoping to tie-in this phenomenon with a discussion of specialized cells in the brain and with the work of a select group of collage artists. I was in my studio on Sunday night and was mostly cleaning and organizing to prepare to get back to creating artwork! I only did a couple "sketches" which included this piece. I had no preconceived intention of making a piece like this, but afterward realized that my recent exposure to Stezaker's work (I've been reading a bunch of stuff about him too) seems to have clearly influenced my "vision" in this case. This image is not quite the finished piece (I'll probably get to that tonight). But I'm excited about it and couldn't wait to post.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

artists' self-portraits

I must admit that although I enjoy most artists' self-portraits (I especially like self-portraits by my friend Tom Nettle and Coco Larrain shown below), I have always been puzzled by the motivation to do a self-portrait. I also must admit that the idea of doing a collage self-portrait for a couple years. But I have always been concerned as well with the cliche of self-portraiture. These things being said, I think I am now ready to try my hand at self-portraiture. When I visited my mother this week, she shared with me some old photos of me which included a triplicate of a First Communion photo (remember, I only do collage with "originals"… do multiple copies of an old photos constitute "originals"?). So here's the photo and a preliminary sketch for a self-portrait. This should be fun!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

some more student collages!

I really enjoy watching students who are new to the world of collage creating such wonderful pieces! Here are a few from tonight's efforts...

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Here are a couple photos from my latest exhibit entitled "Surreality" at The Broad Street Gallery in Hamilton, NY. The exhibit will be up for the month of March. I'm pleased with how Gail and Kathy hung the pieces. Thanks! We had an enjoyable opening last night!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Muybridge's Fight Club"

Here's a piece I made yesterday that I will have in my solo exhibit opening next weekend at The Broad St. Gallery in Hamilton, NY. I was able to "extend" the dimensions of the piece  (14" x 6"; 35.5 cm x 15.25cm) as it was created from combining two identical cover images from "Science" magazine (remember, my work is all analog; I do no photocopying or digital manipulation). I really like the longer horizontal dimension! The only problem is that the border of the pieces is too clearly visible and distracting at the bottom of the composition. I am hoping to tweak that today at some point (but am a little worried about making it worse). The full title of the piece is "Muybridge's Fight Club: When You Fight, You Get Stoned".

Oldest to newest (legacy and liking?)

I created this blog in January 2010. My first post was of two pieces I made relating to the seven deadly sins. One of the pieces was  entitled "Convolution of Lust", the other "Evolution of Greed". I showed both of these pieces in New York City and "…Lust" sold to an art collector friend of mine. As I have evolved as a collagist, I not as happy with some of the pieces I have created and exhibited as I am with others. I suppose this happens to many artists. Although I still like "… Lust", I haven't been so enamored with "…Greed" for a while. I have decided to "recycle" mats and frames these days by "retiring" works with which I am not that pleased anymore (and thus would never exhibit again). Bottom line… I now have a circular mat to play around with. Yesterday while I was working on two pieces I am getting together for an upcoming exhibit, I did this sketch with the circular mat from "…Greed" from 4 years ago.