Wednesday, May 11, 2022

final products

As I have intimated in the last few posts, I am really enjoying my time in the studio these days. I have also been exploring some new places, in terms of my creative compositions. Last night, I finalized some of the sketches I have shared recently and have created an odd "pair" of artworks. The pair are not the same size, nor will they be framed in the same way (one will be black metal; one will be wood). But they are weirdly "connected" in that I used the leftover portion of the fish element for one piece, to serve as the bottom "panel" for the other. I have also "connected the pieces with the titles. The top piece shown here is entitled "Weekend with Uncle Sepia". The bottom piece is entitled "Weekend with Uncle Sepia: The Rest of the Tale" (pun intended, of course). BTW, I am aware that umlauts are not normally placed above consonants (such as the "R" here). But it's a collage... so I can do what I want ;-) The umlaut is placed over the "R" as a means to simply create more balance in the composition.


Saturday, April 30, 2022

lately in the studio

 Once again, I must say, I am grateful to be back in the studio after months of dormancy. And I am thoroughly enjoying my time in my creative space. As evidenced by some of the recent posts, I have been "stretching my voice" a bit with some of the compositions with which I am experimenting, and which I am creating. It feels great -- liberating in a way. I have done some minimalist, Stezaker-inspired pieces in the past (i.e., the British collagist, John Stezaker). And although this sketch is similar, it emerged from somewhere else in my creative cavern, it seems. I am intrigued by some of the details in this piece, so far. Firstly, the way the stairway seems to morph into the guy's hand, gives it a strong "sleeve" feeling and connects the middle and lower panel. This detail was a serendipitous emergence. Secondly, somewhat in response to that detail and connection, I thought it would be useful to continue the pillar from the middle panel into the upper panel (see below). Now all three panels appear more "integrated" and interesting. This evening, I will experiment with cutting, so that the little girls arm goes over into the lower panel. I will need to be careful to pay attention to the balance of the overall composition (i.e., I don't want it to become bottom-panel-heavy). Thirdly, I am REALLY liking the color scheme of this piece -- tri"chromatic" in a way, with white, gray and sepia). Fourthly, I love the dimensions and the frame color for the piece too. I think this piece is close to being finished... and I think it is a "keeper".

Friday, April 22, 2022

sketches and stretches

 I have been feeling really good in the studio these days! That is in stark contrast to what I was feeling over the summer and into the fall, when I felt like I didn't even want to spend time in the studio. I was dormant/stagnant for MONTHS. It didn't feel at all like "incubation"; but I suppose that's a possibility. Not only have I really enjoyed being in the studio lately, but I feel like I am creating some good works (and, perhaps, some works that have been atypical for me). I don't know what will become of these sketches (the one with the fish "might" be finished; the others, definitely not), but I enjoyed stretching my style a bit with these sketches. 

Saturday, April 16, 2022

analog and depth

Just want to remind folks that me collages are all analog (all the time). Sometimes people have erroneously thought that my work is digital (partially because I use Talbot's glueless technique -- which results in very sharp, clean lines in my compositions). Here's one that I finished this evening; although I have been fussing with the details for several days (weeks?)...

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Everything and Nothing

 My finished piece for a show at Voya Collage Gallery in Rochester, NY. The exhibit is part of a celebration of World Collage Week and has the theme "Everything and Nothing". This piece is entitled "What I am offering" (required size, 3.5" x 2.5"). Images from 52 entries will be chosen by jurors to be made into a deck of cards. I think this would be a cool back to a playing card. I loved doing the side painting on this piece (which I think is ESSENTIAL for any unframed work... it makes the piece look integrated and complete).

Tuesday, April 12, 2022


I made this birthday card for my buddy Goody last night. It started with a Georgia O'Keeffe card ("Blue Line" 1919):

To which I added a couple elements (and cropped)...

Then I added a few select phrases from a leftover scrap (the color was PERFECT for the underlying patina of the paper).

A couple more "highlight" elements were added. And here's the finished card (and a detail):


Sunday, April 10, 2022