Saturday, June 25, 2016


Back to producing a bit of art. This piece is for a fundraiser for Kirkland Art Center in Clinton, NY. It's 4" x 4" (which all of the submissions will be). I painted the background with Golden watercolor paint before applying the collage elements.

The books have arrived!

... and they look great!
Some very interesting essays, poems and artwork. They are available for purchase if anyone is interested.

Monday, June 13, 2016

It's been a while... again

I have not been producing much art lately. I had a hectic and stressful, yet very productive academic year. My colleague Tyson Kreiger and I FINALLY got our scholarly research paper published (entitled "Nostalgia and Perceptions of Artwork") in the journal Psychological Reports. I also did three conference papers and read some collage-related poetry at the Southern Humanities Conference. In addition, I wrote two articles this year for Kolaj magazine. The culmination of my work this academic year came after graduation, when Jonathan Talbot, Leslie Fandrich and I finished-up editing a book entitled "Identity and Anonymity: An Artful Anthology" which will make its debut as part of the "Identity and Anonymity" exhibit at the Kurt Seligmann Center for the Arts in Sugarloaf, NY, THIS SUNDAY. It's a wonderful collection of essays, poems and artwork (and is available for purchase if you're interested).
My studio work over the last couple weeks has consisted mostly of cleaning and organizing (with some sketching). I realized recently that I have been mostly accumulating and cluttering, without much culling and organizing over the last 6 years. Again, a productive 6 years; but nonetheless. I am hoping that very soon I will be "back in the saddle" and producing a lot, again (I have a fantasy that cleaning and organizing will help with that pursuit... although with the way my monkey brain works, who knows?). Here are a few shots from the "monkeybrain studio" ;-)

Monday, May 23, 2016


Well, sometimes things just don't turn out like you plan them too. After returning from the Farmersville Auction last week in Pennsylvania, I was sorting through some of the stuff I bought. From an old "scrap book" that someone had put together, I extracted some interesting old Hollywood images. I placed a couple of these images together with a black and white image of a woman from a vintage magazine and a beautiful "greened" image of a woman. I absolutely loved the interplay of these different colored facial images as shown here:

(the line you see going across the image, is the hanging wire). These images were my "sketch" images from which I would construct the final collage. I felt like I had an option of horizontal or vertical cropping with this one (and I like the inclusion of the arm in the upper version). I should have simply "put down" the composition as it appears here. BUT, I decided to rip a little more from the image on the left (first mistake). I also decided that since the underneath of the nose of the woman on the right (bottom) was a bit thin, that I would trim that as well (a much more difficult rip with such a small element). Neither of these choices worked out so well. On top of that, the "release paper", for some reason, didn't release on a crucial portion of the composition and pulled-up a small section of the paper. So the entire composition is ruined in a number of ways, as seen here (the color is different because the photos were taken in natural daylight):

I'm kind of bummed about it, but I need to "let it go". Perhaps I will try another composition with similar elements: Although my style is typically more spontaneous than that. I thought it would be useful to share some of the failures and frustrations of my work as well as the successes.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

foreshadowing of summer fun

My classes have ended for the semester; but I still have papers to grade and final exams to administer. I very much look forward to devoting more time to my creative endeavors SOON! I spent some time in my studio last night (and a little bit today) and have some sketches that I think will materialize into finished pieces. Here are a couple. Still need to do some finishing touches on the flower piece (definitely needs a "toned down" mat!) and some more work on the other (which I consider a very preliminary sketch). I will post more details soon (especially with regard to the furniture/B&W guy piece... I think that may become a series).

Monday, April 25, 2016


I have alluded to this before in previous posts, but it's worth writing about again, methinks...
 I wasn't feeling particularly creative last night, but I was still drawn to my studio after a half day of school work and a full round of golf. I decided to listen to some music (Yes - "Close to the Edge" and Pat Metheny - "Speaking of Now"), enjoy a cold beverage, and look through some vintage magazines. The first one I looked through was "Modern Priscilla" from 1918.

As I paged through the magazine, I was quite taken by all of the references to the war effort. My mind wandered -- the images and the writing was very intellectually stimulating. It was clear that, unlike contemporary American society, at this point in history the war effort was something much more widespread nationally, in terms of participation. I mean, even in "Modern Priscilla"! 
I hate war and I dream of a country and a world that is more peaceful, creative and loving. I couldn't help wonder, however, how recent United States war efforts might be different if the entire country were involved at levels seen in 1918 -- that is, rather than only a small segment of the populace (generally more economically or socially challenged).
Again, this is one of the reasons collage is MY medium! The "prep" work may not be "creative", but is certainly mentally stimulating! When I peruse these vintage magazines, it puts me almost in a dream-like state of thought-provocation.

And here are some other images, including the beautiful back cover (I love the phrase about less acid)...