Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pavel Zoubok
I have been a little remiss in regularly checking the website for the Pavel Zoubok Gallery (; but I check it yesterday and it's definitely worth looking at some of the pieces on display currently. This gallery specializes in collage and assemblage work and is located at 533 West 23rd St. in Chelsea. The next time you go to NYC, it's worth a visit. I saw a Ray Johnson collage there last summer among others. Enjoy!

Friday, January 29, 2010

I find that creating a title for my pieces is an important part of the total creative process in my artwork. I've decided (tentatively?) to simply call this piece "Tomatangel (1958)". The "(1958)" is part of the title of course; not an indication of the year of creation. The year comes from the fact that on the license plate of the car is the year "1958". The "Tomatangel" is a playful combination of "tomato" and "angel". I have entertained longer titles in the tradition of Dali and others; and at one point wanted to call this piece "Enjoying the Security of the Tomatangel ('Thank You for Protecting my Lamp')". I also so much enjoy the weirdness of the fact that the woman is holding (tightly?) onto a lamp and the angel is holding a precious infant. One of the practical considerations is writing the title on the piece or the mat. Hope you enjoy both the work and the title!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anyone who is making the creative journey through the landscape of collage and assemblage certainly has some experience with the joy and beauty of serendipity. Of course, being "on the lookout" for "specimens" to include in creative works is necessary for ultimately creating a piece of work. And preparation and planning are also important in various ways. In addition, as Julie and others have pointed-out, being in a fertile mental and physical state always helps too. But... it is wonderful and exhilarating to experience the serendipity so often associated with spending time and manipulating lots of collage materials. So I thought I would share the two images (or perhaps I should say one or "one-and-a-half" images) shown here. Here's what happened. I have been intrigued by images I have come across in a health book from around 1915 and the illustrative photos of various exercises. I cut out the image of this muscle man which I thought I might use in a piece and was playing with the image of the man and the strawberry (I really enjoy the contrast of B&W photos and colorful fruits and vegetables). Anyway, at one point, I turned the image over and "Viola!"... I found that the back of this cut-out muscle man just happened to look quite interesting. I don't think that I would have "seen" that if I was only in a "planning" stage. I have not even completed a piece with inclusion of this image... but I am certainly enjoying it now. I hope you do too.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm just finding my way around this blog site and trying to discover what I can do. As you can see, I've added a couple more pieces of my artwork for your enjoyment. These are the two pieces I will be exhibiting in Paris in April at the 17th Annual International Salon of Contemporary Collage. I'm very excited about it and am looking into travel arrangements. Interesting that it costs over $2000 for a flight if I leave on Saturday and under $900 if I leave on Sunday. I guess I'll be heading home on Sunday!
More tomorrow...

The opening reception for the up-coming collage/assemblage exhibit at the Climate Gallery is Saturday February 6th. For more details see:

"The Convolution of Lust" 9.5 inch collage (framed 12" x 12")
"The Evolution of Greed" 9.5 inch collage (framed 12" X 12")

These pieces will be in a show at Climate Gallery in Queens in February
Okay, here's the inaugural post to my new blog!