Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Power of N materials

Last Saturday, I received the packet of materials for The Power of N project. As a reminder, The Power of N project was organized by collagist Joel Lamberth from Australia and involves 10 collage artists (selected from about 50 who responded to the solicitation on "Collagista") who have each been given the same materials from which to choose elements for their respective collages. That is, we each received the same set of materials. I thought it would be interesting to share with you images of some of the materials that were sent. I will probably not post my collage image until the project is complete because, understandably, the 10 of us are suppose to work independently to see what is created by different artists using the same materials. Anyway, here are a couple of the pages of images sent for use to use. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Here is another piece inspired by my recent trip to the Kurt Schwitters exhibit at the Princeton University art gallery. You can see similarities between this and the other one I posted a couple days ago. I really enjoy working in this palette and in a style that pushes me a little bit into a different arena. I am donating this piece to the fundraiser for the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts (one of my favorite arts venues). See their website soon for more details at

Monday, July 18, 2011

Utica Observer-Dispatch article

The local newspaper ran a nice article about my journey through art-land today (Thanks Victoria!). In light of the fact that some of the readers may have interest enough to visit this site, I thought I would provide some details about how you can see my work. The exhibit I have up now at the Arkell Museum/Canajoharie Library is up until next Thursday. I really like the way this show hangs together and I hope that some of you will make the trip to see it. Include a great lunch at the Elephant Bistro and it makes for a very nice day trip! On Friday I take the show down and bring some of the pieces up to the Old Forge Library Gallery (and include NEW pieces) where they will be part of a three-person exhibit entitled "On and Off the Wall". The other artists are my friends Sue Firsching (sculptor) and Vicky Zacek (fiber artist). The opening reception is August 5th from 5-8:00. If you're up in that area then, I hope to see you!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Playing card collaboration complete

Here they are! A playing card collage collaboration between Liz Cohn and me. Check out my earlier post to see what was sent to me by Liz. I really enjoyed doing this project! Thanks Liz!

What will "happen" on "Day 3..."?

I'm a teacher at heart, and a bit of an archivist by nature. So a couple of my goals with this blog are to use it as a teaching tool for those who are interested; and as a means of archiving my artistic activities. Some of my collage process involves experimenting with what elements work well together in a piece I am creating. A couple of posts ago, I shared the image which will become the basis for "Day 3 of the Invasion". I carefully cut the windows out of the image and now am trying to decide which "space/star" image will look best. I have a strong light source coming into the room which I need to enhance. I also need to keep in mind the color(s) because I have at least one other element I have been experimenting with that I would like to use "in the room". So anyway, here are some shots of the next step... deciding the background space/star element. Enjoy!


The final element has been placed. No, it wasn't yarn or glitter or an alien as some had suggested on my FaceBook solicitation. It was a simple rectangular piece that helps balance the composition. For comparison, look at the image from a couple of posts ago. Any guesses about from where this small piece came (hint: look at the development of "Day 3..."). I am entitling this piece "Kurz". Afterall, it's a tribute to Kurt Schwitters; and Schwitters called his work "Merz"... it seems like a weird combination of his name and "Merz" was appropriate for this tribute. Enjoy!

Playing cards project

Good morning! I have become involved with an interesting collaborative collage project over the past week. Liz Cohn has organized a project which will culminate in an exhibit in Portland, Oregon next year. She begins by altering playing cards with collage elements. Then she sends these cards to other collage artists for them to contribute to the collage. I like small format pieces to begin with; and the challenge of integrating my work with someone else's is also intriguing to me. SOoo... here are the cards that Liz sent to me. What do you think? What would you do? (this is strictly a rhetorical question; I'm not really soliciting specific responses ;-) I'll post what I do soon (since I'm almost done already!) Enjoy...

Friday, July 15, 2011

workshop opportunity

I am very pleased and excited to notify anyone who might be interested that Jonathan Talbot will be offering a two-day collage workshop at Utica College next April 21st and 22nd (2012). This is a great opportunity to learn from one of the best! Go to Jonathan's website for a more detailed description and to read comments and see work from previous workshop participants (including me!).

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Inspired and continuing

I spent a good deal of the day working on a couple of pieces (after spending LOTS of time over the weekend cleaning and re-organizing my workspace in the basement!). After seeing the Schwitters exhibit at the Princeton Art museum last month, I was inspired to try to do a piece reminiscent of his work. I think it turned out well... although I'm pretty sure it still needs 'something' in the center portion of the composition (feedback is welcome ;-). The second piece I started working on will likely become "Day 3 of the Invasion". Enjoy!

Monday, July 4, 2011

To The Power of N...

I've been selected to participate in this wonderful event! I'm excited and nervous!