Monday, May 23, 2016


Well, sometimes things just don't turn out like you plan them too. After returning from the Farmersville Auction last week in Pennsylvania, I was sorting through some of the stuff I bought. From an old "scrap book" that someone had put together, I extracted some interesting old Hollywood images. I placed a couple of these images together with a black and white image of a woman from a vintage magazine and a beautiful "greened" image of a woman. I absolutely loved the interplay of these different colored facial images as shown here:

(the line you see going across the image, is the hanging wire). These images were my "sketch" images from which I would construct the final collage. I felt like I had an option of horizontal or vertical cropping with this one (and I like the inclusion of the arm in the upper version). I should have simply "put down" the composition as it appears here. BUT, I decided to rip a little more from the image on the left (first mistake). I also decided that since the underneath of the nose of the woman on the right (bottom) was a bit thin, that I would trim that as well (a much more difficult rip with such a small element). Neither of these choices worked out so well. On top of that, the "release paper", for some reason, didn't release on a crucial portion of the composition and pulled-up a small section of the paper. So the entire composition is ruined in a number of ways, as seen here (the color is different because the photos were taken in natural daylight):

I'm kind of bummed about it, but I need to "let it go". Perhaps I will try another composition with similar elements: Although my style is typically more spontaneous than that. I thought it would be useful to share some of the failures and frustrations of my work as well as the successes.