Saturday, May 19, 2018

Succulent Palm

I was happy to be part of a recent group exhibit at The Edgewood Gallery in Dewitt, NY (outside of Syracuse, NY). Here are a couple of the pieces I had in the show. The one with the hand (entitled "Succulent Palm") was a very popular piece, but was the only one not for sale, as I had given it to my good friend Linnea for Christmas. A local neurologist offered to buy it (twice) because she liked it so much. A month later the piece was part of an exhibit at Sculpture Space (in Utica, NY) and, again, someone wanted to purchase it (but was not interested in the other pieces I had one exhibit). For some reason, the piece really speaks to some folks. Anyway, last week, my friend Linnea presented me with a gift which I love! She got on-line and found a place that would customize socks with submitted images; so she sent them an image of the collage. Very cool!

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