Monday, December 28, 2015

time and stress

Not only have I been able to spend some quality time in my studio lately; but I have also been feeling a little less "stressed", given the fact that I am comfortable with the pieces I now have ready for my solo exhibit next month. The stress of feeling like I had to do more new pieces for that show was detrimental to my creativity. Most of the pieces for the exhibit are from the last two or three years;but many of them I have shown before in the area (of course, different venues and some different audiences). I have five "never-before-seen" pieces for the show (of a total of 30) with which I am pretty pleased. So last night I went down into the studio with "low expectations" -- mostly some time to clean up and organize (maybe do some cutting). I ended-up doing these two "sketches", which I actually think might be "finals". I really like them. They're aesthetically pleasing to me; and I know they are a bit weird too -- right up my alley (as they say)!

1 comment:

  1. These show your TRUE style...Kudos to YOU!
    Good luck with your upcoming show, too!!!!