Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy holidays and reverse transfer!

Spending some quality time in my studio on this Christmas day... and loving it! I decided to try my first reverse transfer. In case folks don't know to what I am referring or how to do it, I thought I'd let the teacher come out in me again. Here are some photos of the process. The glass plate was coated with acrylic medium. Then one-side of the paper was coated (the side from which I wanted to "lift" the lettering). After drying, the coated side of the paper was placed on the coated glass and heated with an iron. Then cold water and a cloth is used to "pulpize" the back-side of the paper and rub off the paper (leaving the ink "in" the acrylic medium). The rest should be pretty clear from the photos. This is a technique described by Jonathan Talbot in his book about transferring images. Hope it works well for you if you try it!

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