Saturday, December 19, 2015

Hair show

This post is not really collage-related (except that it represents, in a way, how collage-like my life is). Utica, New York (in upstate, central New York State) has seen its share of economic woes over the past several decades. But in the last 10 years we seem to be seeing a renaissance of sorts happening with some nice new restaurants opening and some expansion of business (including the college I work) into the downtown area. A bar/bistro called "The Dev" has made an impact downtown too. I have posted photos of various art shows they host as well. Last night I had the good fortune to do the lighting for a hair/fashion show in an abandoned "vintage" department store as part of the reclamation of the downtown area. Artist and promoter Steve Nyland and hair stylists MeriEsther Luce and Allison Engelhart were the forces behind the event. It was a great night of an atypical event here in Utica. And it was very well attended as well!

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