Sunday, September 20, 2015

"Cosmofilial" and "Ort"

Here is the finished product for this year's Sculpture Space CHAIRity auction. Sometimes people ask how I come up with titles for pieces. Of course, there are varied inspirations; from puns, to descriptions, to "mini-stories". The title for this piece was inspired by the title of the original engraving "Filial Affection - Going to Church/Sunday Morning". The title of the skull-headed fly piece was "somewhat random" (of course, nothing is ever random or somewhat random, is it?). "Ort" just seemed like a weird enough small title for the piece. I suppose you could think of this two-headed fly as looking at the broken skull as a source of food two (and it hints to the scavengerious nature of flies... "cannibalism"?).

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  1. Titles are always of interest to me. They usually give an insight into the meaning or origins of the piece.