Thursday, October 8, 2015

3 exhibits

Very excited to have had two pieces accepted into this year's annual juried exhibit of the National Collage Society! My entries were rejected last year (perhaps making this year's acceptances sweeter). And within 24 hours of receiving that great news, I was informed that I had a piece accepted into a small works show at a small venue in Clifton Springs, NY. They had over 600 entries and chose one of three that I had submitted. So I am feeling very good about my work this evening. AND, I just completed this piece for a show at The Tech Garden in Syracuse, NY with "Machines" as its theme (once again, curated by a great artist and local arts promoter Steve Nyland). It's all good! A couple words about this piece (which I have yet to entitle). The "main character" is one of the original "Marlboro Men" prototypes (a sailor), before they had settled on the cowboy as their advertising brand. The gears on his forehead and the one on the right side (over the number table) are collage transfers. I hadn't done a transfer in a while and it was good to get back to it again (I think they create a nice effect).


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