Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sculpture Space 2015

When I moved back to the Utica area in 1999, I was "exposed to" the Annual CHAIRity auction at Sculpture Space. CHAIRity is one of their major fundraisers and traditionally featured chairs that various artists adorned with creative manipulation. More recently, two-dimensional pieces have dominated the selection of artworks (including mine). I have posted Sculpture Space CHAIRity photos (in the fall) often on this blog. Last year, I broke my personal best in terms of bids on my piece. So this year I was feeling a little stressed about getting a piece started AND making sure it would be "up to my standards". Tonight I think the piece emerged from my sketches!!! I need to decide whether I should go with the integrated, "color-coordinated" look; or whether I should go for the starker contrast and "mod" look. By the way, this piece needs a lot of "finishing touches" on the details before it's complete. Feel free to comment about your preference.

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