Sunday, February 23, 2014

Oldest to newest (legacy and liking?)

I created this blog in January 2010. My first post was of two pieces I made relating to the seven deadly sins. One of the pieces was  entitled "Convolution of Lust", the other "Evolution of Greed". I showed both of these pieces in New York City and "…Lust" sold to an art collector friend of mine. As I have evolved as a collagist, I not as happy with some of the pieces I have created and exhibited as I am with others. I suppose this happens to many artists. Although I still like "… Lust", I haven't been so enamored with "…Greed" for a while. I have decided to "recycle" mats and frames these days by "retiring" works with which I am not that pleased anymore (and thus would never exhibit again). Bottom line… I now have a circular mat to play around with. Yesterday while I was working on two pieces I am getting together for an upcoming exhibit, I did this sketch with the circular mat from "…Greed" from 4 years ago.

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  1. It is often the way, that you find your earlier work not as appealing. However, it is a sign of your growth as an artist, and therefore worth recording.