Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Muybridge's Fight Club"

Here's a piece I made yesterday that I will have in my solo exhibit opening next weekend at The Broad St. Gallery in Hamilton, NY. I was able to "extend" the dimensions of the piece  (14" x 6"; 35.5 cm x 15.25cm) as it was created from combining two identical cover images from "Science" magazine (remember, my work is all analog; I do no photocopying or digital manipulation). I really like the longer horizontal dimension! The only problem is that the border of the pieces is too clearly visible and distracting at the bottom of the composition. I am hoping to tweak that today at some point (but am a little worried about making it worse). The full title of the piece is "Muybridge's Fight Club: When You Fight, You Get Stoned".

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