Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One night only!?

Wow! I went to a small photography exhibit this evening at Utica College which brought tears to my eyes. This exhibit should be up for an extended time so that more folks could experience it... really. So here's the deal. My friend and colleague Linnea Franits is a faculty member of the Occupational Therapy program at Utica College. She worked with a group of OT Masters students on a project for which each student provided  a camera to an individual who had "life compromises" (my terminology, not hers). Each individual was asked to take photographs which represented how their life had changed since their "compromise". Some of the individuals had cancer, some had children with cancer, some had been in prison. Linnea selected representative photographs and associated quotations for the exhibit. Here are some shots from this evening. Some words to describe this exhibit: "powerful", "touching", "human", "inspiring". One of the most powerful was a photograph taken by a mutual friend of ours -- Lisa Davis -- who died this past semester after a LONG and courageous battle with cancer. Thank you Linnea Franits, for keeping the humanity in academics. Bravo to you and your students on a great show! Again, this exhibit needs to be seen by a wider audience.

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  1. An exhibit worth visiting. Shame I'm on the other side of the world.