Saturday, January 26, 2013

roadblocks in the creativity journey?

 Here is my latest piece. It's a 6" x 6" piece that I have tentatively entitled "Greetings from Ont". I "forced" myself to get a piece done last night. I have been a bit stalled in terms of my creativity lately. I have been spending a bit of time cleaning and organizing my workspace as of late; and have been looking through old magazines and books to isolate and collect all sorts of GREAT elements for my collages. I have even been coating lots of materials with the acrylic medium I use. I have also been enjoying manipulating images and experimenting with various compositions. I guess the problem has been that I am hesitant to "strike the iron" (figuratively and somewhat literally) to make the compositions "permanent" because I am questioning whether the various compositions are "good enough" (i.e., I find myself thinking "maybe this element would work better somewhere else"). I have also been kind of stuck trying to do the "narrative surrealist" compositions and have moved away from "simple" interesting collage composition (sort of like the one posted here). So once again, I think I need to "loosen up" a little and start making pieces again. I need to trust my "instincts" relative to my ability to create a "good" composition in terms of balance, contrast and other design basics. One of the funny things about this piece is that it was kind of a "scrap" piece except for the guy in the foreground (and of course, I was "saving" him for a "special" piece). I'm pleased with how it turned out and it was a lesson for me. I LOVE the journey through the creative process! Hopefully, I will have a flurry of production soon. Enjoy!

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