Sunday, January 20, 2013

check presenter & transfers

Here is my second check presenter for The Black Gryphon restaurant in Elizabethtown, PA. I really enjoy doing these. As usual, I thought I would take this as a teaching opportunity as well. I used pieces of dress pattern material for the background and then transferred the silverware array on top of that. I had a little trouble with getting the paper off the back with this particular element, so you may notice some white "blemishes" where it didn't come off all the way. For anyone not familiar with transferring images, the series that I have included here might give you a bit of a clue about how it works. After having the "Think right" element and the silverware array placed, I wanted to put a transfer in the lower left-hand corner to "balance" the composition. When you transfer, you coat one side of the element, then place it face down on the coated substrate. Of course, the image then is reversed. In this case, I had to decide if I wanted the head to be facing inward, outward, or straight ahead. It certainly makes a differences when you think about balance and focus. After the image is placed face-down, it is adhered using heat; and then the paper "backing" is wetted with cold water and a cotton fabric is used to rub off the now wet and "pulpized" paper -- leaving only the ink lines of the image behind. After it is dried, it is recoated with acrylic medium to "clarify" it even more. I think it's an interesting effect. Enjoy!

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