Thursday, January 17, 2013

Farmersville, Pennsylvania

When I have the chance and can afford the time to make the 5 hour drive, I really enjoy going to the weekly auction in Farmersville, PA (Lancaster, CO.). I can pretty much count on getting something that I can use in my collaging efforts. Recently though, there have been more book/paper ephemera folks there who have been competing with me for certain gems. This week, I saw a bound volume of "The Illustrated London News" from the late 1800s. I paged through it and saw LOTS of cool stuff that I thought I could potentially use. Now, lots of stuff at this auction goes for $1-$7... it's mostly cheap! But something like what I was looking at... you just never know. And anyone familiar with effective auctioning knows that you have to be willing to set your top price (partly because the bidding goes so quickly). Anyway, I had convinced myself that this piece might go for some real money and had decided to go as high as $100 (a LARGE amount for Farmersville). I was SO pleased to have gotten the book for $27! I am SO psyched about it! The volume included large engravings (one of my favorite sources of elements) and a number of very nicely illustrated advertisements which will lend themselves very well to transfer. I also got some other items as well. Enjoy!

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  1. Congratulations!!!! Glad to hear you wont run out of materials any time soon.