Tuesday, April 24, 2012

tress, hands and skulls

Among the many pieces that were created over the weekend, these two were a couple of my favorites. Briana Linder made the piece with the trees and the hands. What's particularly interesting about this piece (in addition to its aesthetic impact) is the fact that it is created with only two elements (reminiscent of Italian collagist Daniel Villa's work). Simple elegance, I think. Its a testament to the fact that not all collage has to be "complex" and involve many (sometimes too many) elements. Beautiful. The other piece shown here was created by Julie Angerosa, an art teacher from Vernon-Verona-Sherrill School district. Students are lucky to have her as a teacher! Julie's 3" x 3" piece shown here is beautiful. What's really cool is that she had no a priori intention to create an image suggesting a skull. That image "came out" of the smudges of white paint initially applied spontaneously. I love the contrast of the black and white with a muted palette which makes up the rest of the composition. Nice work! Enjoy!

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