Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Talbot workshop

This weekend, Jonathan Talbot conducted a wonderful collage workshop at Utica College. I met a group of really great folks. Three of the participants made the trip from north of the border to join us. What a treat! My goal for the workshop (something Jonathan asks us to write at the beginning of the workshop) was to enjoy the synergy that emerges when a group of creative people
work individually AND as a group in this type of environment. I enjoyed the workshop VERY much. Jonathan did a great job, methinks. And the participants created a number of beautiful works! Here's the group and a couple of shots of Jonathan in action (as well as a photo of Jonathan's 3" x 3" work). Scroll down through the earlier posts to see some of the works of others. BTW, there were many other wonderful works created by other participants that I have not included (or I'd be posting for hours). Enjoy!

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