Sunday, July 17, 2011

What will "happen" on "Day 3..."?

I'm a teacher at heart, and a bit of an archivist by nature. So a couple of my goals with this blog are to use it as a teaching tool for those who are interested; and as a means of archiving my artistic activities. Some of my collage process involves experimenting with what elements work well together in a piece I am creating. A couple of posts ago, I shared the image which will become the basis for "Day 3 of the Invasion". I carefully cut the windows out of the image and now am trying to decide which "space/star" image will look best. I have a strong light source coming into the room which I need to enhance. I also need to keep in mind the color(s) because I have at least one other element I have been experimenting with that I would like to use "in the room". So anyway, here are some shots of the next step... deciding the background space/star element. Enjoy!

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