Monday, July 18, 2011

Utica Observer-Dispatch article

The local newspaper ran a nice article about my journey through art-land today (Thanks Victoria!). In light of the fact that some of the readers may have interest enough to visit this site, I thought I would provide some details about how you can see my work. The exhibit I have up now at the Arkell Museum/Canajoharie Library is up until next Thursday. I really like the way this show hangs together and I hope that some of you will make the trip to see it. Include a great lunch at the Elephant Bistro and it makes for a very nice day trip! On Friday I take the show down and bring some of the pieces up to the Old Forge Library Gallery (and include NEW pieces) where they will be part of a three-person exhibit entitled "On and Off the Wall". The other artists are my friends Sue Firsching (sculptor) and Vicky Zacek (fiber artist). The opening reception is August 5th from 5-8:00. If you're up in that area then, I hope to see you!

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