Monday, April 25, 2016


I have alluded to this before in previous posts, but it's worth writing about again, methinks...
 I wasn't feeling particularly creative last night, but I was still drawn to my studio after a half day of school work and a full round of golf. I decided to listen to some music (Yes - "Close to the Edge" and Pat Metheny - "Speaking of Now"), enjoy a cold beverage, and look through some vintage magazines. The first one I looked through was "Modern Priscilla" from 1918.

As I paged through the magazine, I was quite taken by all of the references to the war effort. My mind wandered -- the images and the writing was very intellectually stimulating. It was clear that, unlike contemporary American society, at this point in history the war effort was something much more widespread nationally, in terms of participation. I mean, even in "Modern Priscilla"! 
I hate war and I dream of a country and a world that is more peaceful, creative and loving. I couldn't help wonder, however, how recent United States war efforts might be different if the entire country were involved at levels seen in 1918 -- that is, rather than only a small segment of the populace (generally more economically or socially challenged).
Again, this is one of the reasons collage is MY medium! The "prep" work may not be "creative", but is certainly mentally stimulating! When I peruse these vintage magazines, it puts me almost in a dream-like state of thought-provocation.

And here are some other images, including the beautiful back cover (I love the phrase about less acid)...

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