Saturday, April 16, 2016

"Shot in the arm"

I've been very inactive and unproductive recently. That kinda sucks, of course. I've been concentrating my efforts on school work of various kinds. And that's okay; because I have accomplished a lot recently. But I am looking forward to creating art again soon. It takes time, of course (if you haven't seen John Cleese's video about creativity... it's a MUST. He does a great job of explaining why time is needed for creativity!). This semester has been crazy busy. I was going to skip this year's National Collage Society annual "postcard show" (open to all members). I was just up-to-my-neck busy. BUT, the National Collage Society exhibits are so important to me. SO I "forced" myself to go down and work on an idea that I had had for the postcard show. When I finally completed it, I was SOoo pleased with how it turned out. Lighting is everything folks! I posted it before; but I'm gonna post it again.

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