Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Synchronicity in Pennsylvania

If you happen to be a regular visitor to this blog, you are aware of how much I like synchronicity and serendipity (are they sisters?). My friend and fellow collage artist Anthony Morgan had a very cool synchronous experience recently. Anthony is owner and chef at The Black Gryphon restaurant in Elizabethtown, PA (just south of Hershey!). Anthony is a great friend of the arts (music and visual... and culinary!). He features artwork from a different artist every quarter at the restaurant (and charges NO commission on sales). This quarter he is featuring the awesome collage art of Joe Castro (from Philadelphia, PA). Whilst hanging Joe's work, Toeny noticed that one of the elements in a 2012 piece of Joe's was identical to one of the elements in Toeny's recent collage (2014), which, interestingly, was meant to be inspired by Joe's style of work. Here are the two collages (Joe's on top, Toeny's under it). Can you see the common element? Toeny thinks it might be from an old LIFE magazine, but he is not certain:


  1. Yes...it is the left hand holding binoculars. Hard to find tho'.

  2. Interesting! Thanks for sharing these GREAT collage works!