Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thoughtsgiving 2014

Well, this post is a little late, but...
In 2010, whilst we were drinking a couple pints at The Green Onion (in Utica, NY), my friends and colleagues Jason Denman (English) and Brad Emmons (Math) and I concocted a new holiday that we called "Thoughtsgiving" (the day before Thanksgiving). Since then, we meet every year on the day before Thanksgiving to celebrate. For the past couple of years, I have made collage pins for revelers to wear on our new holiday. One of the challenges is to find images that appear in multiples so that everyone gets a commemorative trinket for the year. Last year I used altered yearbook photos (you can check out the post from last November if you're interested in seeing them). This year I was a bit busy and so I thought I would perhaps use yearbook photos again (although I really did want to do something new). Whilst I was looking through on e yearbook, I came across an interesting group of multiple images that I ended-up using for this year's pins. In the section for group photos of Greek organizations on campus (the yearbook was from Gettysburg College 1971), the names are listed numerically next to a drawing of the posing individuals (see below). I LOVED the way these looked and I think the pins turned out well (I know I enjoy mine!).

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