Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The devil...

...is in the details, I guess. Here are the finished pieces from two of the sketches the other evening. For those of you interested in the technical side of things, I had to add a "lifter" element and do a little "building up" of the underlying acrylic medium to avoid a sharp bump in the finished product (and to make the tomato adhere to the Viewmaster element). The details here -- compared to the previous post -- include having cut the edges from the diver (as well as painting the edges of the cut paper to avoid a white edge). I also added just a little bit of color in the jam piece to provide a bit of contrast and interest.


  1. Cool stuff. I wonder what it is about tomatoes that draws you to use them as elements in your work.

  2. So neat. I admire that you are so careful with your images....many people aren't.