Friday, October 25, 2013

Warming up

I have a couple of projects that I am working on this weekend and decided to start "warming up" last night while cleaning up my work area a little bit. I am excited to submit a couple of pieces next week for an open call for a juried show at Bau Gallery in Beacon, NY with the theme "Saints and Sinners". I was playing around with these elements last night and ended-up liking to "sketch". Here's the interesting part that I wanted to emphasize in this post. I like the ripped paper element that I have included. It's a nice contrast to the rest of the piece methinks (and I love the patina). What I will do tonight, is look for an appropriate and "cool" excerpt (i.e., "slice") from the dictionary I am using. The challenge is that I would like to find something that was in the middle column of the page so that I can do a "clean" rip without the need to piece together something. I came across "sisterhood", but it was on the left-hand side of the page ("Styx" was as well). So this should be fun!

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