Sunday, February 10, 2013

two more

Although I had spent most of the day in my studio yesterday, I was a little disappointed in my productivity in terms of creating finished pieces. I had gotten a lot of organization and prep work done, but had only produced one piece by late afternoon. Last night I went down and decided to d at least one more piece. As it turns out, I did two. They both have an interesting palette and I am pleased with them. They are both 5" x 7" and I have yet to decide on a title for each. Enjoy!


  1. I guess my feelings were pretty consistent yesterday. I hadn't read my previous post before I wrote this one. Sorry for the redundancy... but I find it interesting nonetheless ;-)

  2. As always I love them both. Titles elude me today...alas poor Yorick.

  3. Thanks MJ! You are very kind... and it is appreciated. Wasn't sure you would like these pieces. I'm exploring a little bit and it feels good. I know what palette I gravitate to ;-)