Thursday, February 14, 2013

FIA300 - Collage

One of the reasons that I am grateful to have the job that I have as Professor of Psychology at Utica College is that I am able to pursue my personal interests in a way that serves the institution and the students. Over the last several years, my research focus has involved investigating the factors which influence how people perceive artwork. I have presented my findings at various conferences and have published the results in academic journals. This semester I have the amazingly good fortune of teaching a 1-credit Fine Arts course in collage! These pieces are from the first class in which students created a finished collage. These are all 4" x 6". I think they did a fantastic job!!! I jokingly said to the class, "Thanks, you guy. Now I don't feel so special anymore". I am looking forward to more good works from them. Enjoy!


  1. Congratulations! Obviously you are as inspiring to your students as you are to me.

  2. GREAT WORK!!!
    Please check out my blog..
    I really got a kick out of these...I will share these with my students!