Friday, July 9, 2010

Sweet art and kind thoughts

This summer I have been touched by the artistic culinary efforts put forth by two friends. Each made a cake that was very special to me (and others). My friend Linnea Franits created a cake for the reception that her and her husband Wayne hosted for me and Tom after the 60/60 Event at the Everson. She fashioned the cake after a collage I wrote about in my April 10th blog post regarding placing a circular element on a checkerboard background. She decorated the cake in a checkerboard pattern using licorice and then asked me to place the "circular element" (an Oreo cookie) appropriately. I was very touched (tear in eye) by her thoughtfulness. Thank you Linnea!!! The second culinary artwork that I experienced was just this past weekend in Boston. The band that I used to play in while I was in PA all got together for a reunion (from Wisconsin, New York, PA and Mass). The band was named "grimace" and we used to have a sticker of a frog. Heather (our gracious hostess) asked her neighbor if she could create some kind of special cake for the events of the weekend. What a fantastic job Liesl Weiss-Catanzano did for us! We were all very touched by the creation. I am blessed by the friends and creative spirit that surrounds me! Enjoy!

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