Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NCS postcard show award winners

Check out "" to see this year's award-winning post-card sized collage from the annual "Wish You Were Here" exhibit. Nice pieces! 16 out of a total of about 150 received awards.


  1. The 16 winners are, with some odd notable exceptions, very engaging of the tactile mind, which the collage medium seems to catalyze.
    Mencini's "Redeemed Revisited" evokes that other world, that always better one and I would choose it as my favorite. Textless narrative.
    Which kind of begs the question: Does the use of text in collage mandate it be read? Can one NOT read it? I'd be interested in hearing more from others about the use of text in collage, particularly its design purposes.

  2. Check out the textual elements of recent collage work by Carlos Granados-Ocon. Very "mundane" textual information probably not meant to be read, per se. I certainly like his work!