Wednesday, June 9, 2010

NCS postcard show

Okay folks... hopefully I'm back on track a little with my blogging. Anyone who is doing collage should join the National Collage Society. It's cheap ($35 per year) and one of the opportunities you have to submit your work involves participation in the annual "Wish You Were Here" postcard exhibit. It is a non-juried (i.e., everyone gets "accepted") exhibit. The interesting thing about this exhibit is that ALL pieces are limited to a 4" x 6" format (with depth limitation too). Unlike most artists perhaps, I like themes and limitations and so forth. Anyway, this is my third year submitting to the postcard show. To my surprise, last year not only did someone buy my piece, but I also was one of 16 (out of 144 submissions) who won a cash award (see NCS site under "current exhibits" to see the award-winning pieces). I have been SO busy the last several weeks that I thought I might NOT submit this year. But I had a good idea a while ago and persevered this week to "get 'r done" and was able to submit something (sent it out this afternoon!). I'm pleased with it and perhaps it'll be "competitive" again this year. I've entitled it "I Will Send You a Wire". Enjoy!

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