Friday, June 18, 2010

60/60 Event at the Everson Museum of Art

T minus 7 hours until the festivities begin tonight at the Everson Museum. Lots of prep went into getting ready for the creation of the collage tonight. In fact, it's been quite an experience and definitely something worth sharing here. But perhaps I shall wait for the full post when I can share the finished product with you all. As a prelude I will say that even after two half-days of wonderful collaborative work on the project with my friend Tom Nettle, we were still working out the details for the left quadrant of the piece. We had several ideas, but nothing seemed quite "right". Last night, I finally found something that seems to work in that area. And whereas many folks unfamiliar with collage think that pieces are simply "thrown together", the more-informed understand that collages have a high potential for looking like ass unless there is deliberative decision-making on the part of the artist(s)... at least for my style of collage ;-) In many ways, I feel as though prepping to do a collage for this event may have required more time than prepping for a painting or drawing. Anyway, I'm excited for the event this evening and look forward to seeing if we can pull together a good piece. I'm also very interested in seeing so many other artists doing the work in this time-frame. Enjoy!

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