Saturday, May 1, 2010

Simple sources for specimens

My friend and fellow collagist Coco Larrain recently posted a number of her latest BEAUTIFUL collages on Facebook. She does marvelous work! This particular piece caught my eye because I really like the semi-circular black line elements. I asked Coco if she would share the "technique" she used to create this effect. Here is her response: “It's a crummy paper napkin from a fast food dispenser. I guess I was using a bottle of ink or paint, which I put on the napkin to protect the table, multiple times. I looked at it (:-).... this is years and years ago, and LOVED the way it looked and when I opened it, it created the random pattern..... I LOVED it! and tucked it carefully in an envelope which then went in one of my many boxes where I just put everything that attracted me for whatever reason. When going thru these boxes again, after many, MANY years of adding things, it was like the BEST Christmas EVER, seeing all these INCREDIBLE things, that I hardly remember picking up. I was again ~ blown away. So NOW, it's SOOOooo INDESCRIBABLE how exciting it is to FINALLY be working with them !!! AND to see what's showing up, it’s crazy. I love them!"
This is one of the many reasons I LOVE collage. If you are aware of the world around you, you can find beautiful specimens to incorporate into your work. Great job Coco. BTW Coco has an exhibit of 28 of her collages at the Brewster Library (up for the month of May). I'm hoping to make it out to see the show! Enjoy!

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