Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back on track

For anyone who checks in occasionally to see what I'm posting, I apologize for the delay in getting anything posted (and thank you for checking, btw!). The end of the semester is always hectic and we were involved in a search for a new psychology professor at Utica College AND I was sick for a while. When it rains, it pours, I guess. Anyway, I finished grading last night at 7:00, so I'll be posting more regularly in the days to come. Today will be exciting. My friend Howard Caverns is coming in on the train from Syracuse and we will begin planning our work for the 60/60 event at the Everson Museum in Syracuse. Sixty artists will spend 60 minutes creating 60 pieces of artwork! The event is on the evening of Friday, June 18th and is a fund-raiser for the museum. My friend and I are doing a collage together! It should be fun! So today we begin planning and then we will go out for a nice dinner.
The image I am posting here is one I came across last night as I was culling specimens from an old book of cultural geography (or something like that). It will become the base for an upcoming piece. I want to "document" the progression of this small (5 x 7") piece as it comes together. I'm intrigued by the depth and the lighting. I'm thinking that a little galactic space might be nice. And maybe some water. But who knows at this point. Check back! Enjoy!

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