Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I've had this piece "done" for quite a while. The problem was that I was obsessing a bit about the fact that, although I really liked the piece, I thought that it should have more elements. The question is... "Why did I feel like it 'needed' more elements?" During the reception for the "Bits and Pieces" exhibit last October (curated by Jonathan Talbot) in New Rochelle, I saw some of Joan Hall's work and enjoyed it a lot. Her collages include a minimal number of elements; but the elements are exquisitely juxtaposed to create wonderful surrealistic images. Perhaps I was feeling guilty because one of my pieces included so few elements. Like maybe I haven't put enough work into it. Like maybe I was falling into the "anybody could do this" trap so many are prone to do when it comes to contemporary art (a la Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko). So anyway, I tried placing some additional images on this piece and nothing really seemed to work (I think the piece "knew" it was done ;-). And since I have an extended exhibit coming up in Pennsylvania, I needed to "finish" the work. I ended-up finishing it by leaving it as it was. I've decided not to "feel like I have to do something with it", especially since I like it as it is. The experience prompted me to further consider what it is we do as collagists. I am hoping that in another post soon, I will have time to address the creativity of simplicity. Hope you enjoy! (this piece is 8" x 10" an entitled "Happily...")

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