Sunday, September 2, 2018

moving on

Here's another in the "Etching series" related to my previous post. I am not 100% satisfied with how this piece turned out. I had done a couple sketches previously (and now somewhat regret not doing what I had originally sketched... shown below). BUT, the piece has been "put down" so there's no turning back. One of the reasons that I did not do the original sketch, is that I am planning on using the red cloud element with another piece (although I have multiples of that image -- taken from our flight magazines on the plane on our way to Iceland!). Anyway... one of the reasons that I am not as productive as I could be, is because I seem to always wait until a composition really "wows me". I don't want to settle for "good enough". The problem is, I have SO, so many awesome elements in my studio, that I could do collages for the next 7 years and never run out of cool elements. So I am trying to "get over" waiting until I am 100% satisfied with my artworks; and instead get more done. I am still unconvinced that this is the best way for me, personally, to do my art. After all, I am a very fortunate artist, in that I do not rely on my artwork to make a living. My "real job" pays the bills and keeps me in mats and frames ;-)  So I decided to finish this piece last night and move on to some of my other collage projects. The jury is still out, in terms of whether this approach will satisfy the high standards I put on myself.