Sunday, August 27, 2017

"Finding your center"

Here is the finished product from my collaborative piece with friend and fellow Utica-area artist Tony Thompson. It is entitled "Finding your center". I have shown details here of how I included these letters and words into the falling tears. The diagonal half of a face was actually a "throw away" portion of some elements I used for my wife's recent birthday card. Not only did it seem to work well here; but serendipitously, part of one of the flowers in toward the center of the bunch provides an eye-like complement to the face. This was all unplanned initially; but speaks to the necessity of paying close attention to details as one explores a element placement within a composition. It also speaks to the fact that in collage, sometimes "throwaways" are really throwaways. A collagist must always pay attention and capitalize on serendipity!

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