Wednesday, July 26, 2017

untold stories

Once again, here's are two more examples of why collage, as a medium, is so fascinating to me. I purchased some frames at the auction in Farmersville, PA a little while ago. One of the frames had a picture of this cute little puppy in it. After I took off the back to take the puppy out and clean the glass, I found this old photo. But why did someone cover up this photo with a goofy puppy picture? Seems like there's a story behind it. But it's a story that will never be told, I suppose. So it leaves me simply wondering in my studio about what the story is. The little notebook page was included in a Scrabble game box that my mother got at a garage sale last weekend. In the midst of a bunch of blank pages and pages with Scrabble scores on them, I find this gem. Interesting (even when I'm not active working on a collage).

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