Monday, June 13, 2016

It's been a while... again

I have not been producing much art lately. I had a hectic and stressful, yet very productive academic year. My colleague Tyson Kreiger and I FINALLY got our scholarly research paper published (entitled "Nostalgia and Perceptions of Artwork") in the journal Psychological Reports. I also did three conference papers and read some collage-related poetry at the Southern Humanities Conference. In addition, I wrote two articles this year for Kolaj magazine. The culmination of my work this academic year came after graduation, when Jonathan Talbot, Leslie Fandrich and I finished-up editing a book entitled "Identity and Anonymity: An Artful Anthology" which will make its debut as part of the "Identity and Anonymity" exhibit at the Kurt Seligmann Center for the Arts in Sugarloaf, NY, THIS SUNDAY. It's a wonderful collection of essays, poems and artwork (and is available for purchase if you're interested).
My studio work over the last couple weeks has consisted mostly of cleaning and organizing (with some sketching). I realized recently that I have been mostly accumulating and cluttering, without much culling and organizing over the last 6 years. Again, a productive 6 years; but nonetheless. I am hoping that very soon I will be "back in the saddle" and producing a lot, again (I have a fantasy that cleaning and organizing will help with that pursuit... although with the way my monkey brain works, who knows?). Here are a few shots from the "monkeybrain studio" ;-)

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