Saturday, February 28, 2015

Political postcard

I was running out of time this year to get a postcard piece done for the Annual Wish You Were Here exhibit of the National Collage Society. And like most artists, I hate to work "under pressure" (although I must say, it really motivated me to get downstairs to my work area). It's been prohibitively cold here in central New York State. After blowing the fuse twice, I figured out how to get two space-heaters working at once win my "studio". SOoo, I enjoyed a full night of play and work last night. After all sorts of sketches which were not satisfactory, I suddenly pieced together what would come to be this final product. It's more blatantly political than most of my work, but I like that. For anyone not familiar with this issue, it probably wouldn't surprise you that a company like Coca-Cola has production facilities in India and that there are issues of exploitation of scarce water resources (both in terms of use and pollution). Once again, the corporate abuse of the environment and local peoples is astonishing! One of my former students spent a summer in India doing a human rights internship trying to fight corporate power.

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