Thursday, September 19, 2013

Elemental credit?

I am assuming that many collagists begin their compositions like I do... searching through books and magazines for interesting images. These images become the elements which make up the resulting composition. I consider collaging to be somewhat like science in that my artwork builds upon the excellent artwork of others. I suppose one of the big differences is that in science, there is a formal structure for which to give others credit (i.e., by means of appropriate citations within scientific text). It's  more difficult to "give credit where credit is due" in collage and in art in general. BUT for me, the work of others is definitely never taken for granted or unappreciated. I hope that my collage work, in a way, "memorializes" some of the images of others which might otherwise remain in some dusty tome somewhere and rarely if ever seen (or worse yet, in the proverbial dumpster). With this being said, I thought I would once again share some of the elements with which I am currently working. In particular, I want to share this absolutely beautiful image before I creatively alter it. It may be difficult to see, but I have already shown you here one of the ways I am contemplating my alterations (notice on the lower corners I have added some "star scape" elements). Nothing is tacked down yet, so all this may change. BTW, the legs struck me, not only because it is an unusual image, but because of the strong direction of the light. Stay tuned!

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  1. Browsing through my 'stash' is always a joy. Often it is impossible to find the name of the artist or illustrator. However, the original image is generally altered sufficiently, in my case, to overcome the whole 'copyright' question.