Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thank you note to Jonathan Talbot

I received a high res image from my friend and former student Dr. Robert Twining of the cover of the July issue of the journal "Learning & Memory" for which I did the cover art. As I stated in my note to Jonathan, I am very proud of this accomplishment. I thought I would share my note to him on this blog:

"Here's a high res image of the cover in its final form. I love the color they chose (perfect match with the lips). I am so proud of this accomplishment in my life (too bad there's no monetary "reward"). In a way, I feel like it is the culmination of what I learned thanks to you and what I "bring to the table" artistically (and informed by my various backgrounds). Getting published in a journal like this is a BIG accomplishment when you are "in the field" like I used to be in graduate school. I would have never thought "in a million years" back then that I would have been an artist "worthy" of doing a cover for such a prestigious journal. Some 25 years later... Pretty cool. The fact that one of my former students (Dr. Roberrt C. Twining) was the catalyst for the project is pretty awesome too. BTW, I love the fact that it involves a collage with a transfer too. Thanks again Jonathan!"

Well, I guess I can't upload a .tiff file to this blog. See the image at:

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