Saturday, April 20, 2013

Follow your bliss?

I finished this piece today. I struggled with whether or not I should include more elements. There are only three elements in this collage. Why do I struggle so much with what I "should do" in terms of adding more elements? My work tends to be "clean" and relatively "simple" in terms of number of elements. It's part of my artistic "voice" I guess. I REALLY like this piece as it is. I hope others do too. Finishing this piece and feeling the way I do about it has reminded me to follow my own artistic bliss. A bit of success over the past couple years has created a bit more "meta-artistic" effort in me. That is, I tend to think about producing "a good (or great) piece", rather than doing what I want to do and hoping others will like it. So, here is the result of attempting to "let go" again. Enjoy!
(btw, this piece is a tad bigger than usual, because the cityscape covered two pages in a magazine. It is 16" x 7").

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