Saturday, January 14, 2012

blue and red pair

I posted the 'female' of this pair a while ago and just finished the 'male' last night. I had some left-over of the space/star element from the female, but as it turns out, it was a far lighter/bluer portion of the element and didn't "match". I wanted these tow pieces to be complementary. So I searched through my space/universe/galaxy books again and was extremely fortunate to find a page with what appeared to be the same image with the same varied colors. The stars were the same too. This is not common in that for many of these kinds of images, the stars are slightly different (i.e., more blurred or more "sparkly"). The red elements in these pieces are made up of the papers used for dress pattern cutting. I only had a couple swatches of this stuff. I LOVE the intensity of the color and the "random" textured pattern of the dots (created by that spur-like roller thing). I had Jim at Oskar's Framing do these beautiful metal frames and I like the way this pair turned out. It all started from my just playing around with some left-over elements. Once again, serendipity enhances the collage process! Enjoy!

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