Sunday, June 12, 2011

after reception glow

Wow... the reception at Arkell/Canajoharie library and the after-party at The Elephant Bistro were both awesome! It was great to see artist friends and former students and family and friends and meeting new folks too. Three pieces have already sold (which is an added bonus). But what is WAY more important to me is that people are so supportive and like the work that I do. I am truly grateful and feel SO fortunate to be able to pursue my creative endeavors AND have people support me in those "travels". Thank you so much everyone! And I know some other folks would have made it if they hadn't had other obligations. Man, I am blessed. I can only hope that my artwork makes the world a little happier place and that perhaps inspires others. I didn't take too many photos because I was busy, but here are some including some from The Elephant Bistro (owner Autumn and Mary Carol are in the one at the bar). I would HIGHLY recommend The Elephant Bistro to anyone visiting Canajoharie for the day. Again, thank you everyone for making it a great day! Enjoy!

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