Thursday, January 6, 2011

Interesting dilemma in "Art Space"

Anyone reading this blog and interested in the plight of artists traversing the landscape of the creative journey should read the blogs posts of Julie Sadler at "". I'm sure she would appreciate feedback. Enjoy!

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  1. Hello travelers! I've now found a moment to respond to this item and, more pointedly, Ms. Sadler's "real clearinghouse" conversation on her blog. (I couldn'r figure how to comment on her page. I'm so technically inept that it's a wonder I could get to this page! I'm hoping these thoughts will still travel.)
    A consideration: give the art away to those who know you, love you and love your work, with the stipulation, of course, the art will be displayed. There's not any "performance" there, I realize, yet those who love and display your art will also promote your work to others who view your work in their presence. Am I naive to think this could yield "paying customers" (if that's a needed or wanted outcome)from friends of friends of friends?
    Ms. Sadler's works (I'd enjoy seeing them live sometime: me alive and the art in vivo!) are wonderful and by giving away would create a legacy and potentially a windfall to its owners some day some way. The legacy need not be primarily cash on the barrel head, but if not for the artist in this life maybe for your designated heirs. Worst case scenario: your art is well distributed, displayed and loved and great stories are shared in years to come about great aunt Julie, great uncle Steve and their forays in to art. Very inspirational, in my estimation. (What aspect am I missing?)