Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The work of Coco Larrain

I am so excited to be posting more work by my friend Coco Larrain! Coco lives on Cape Cod and is a painter (and pet portrait artist) and a collagist. Recently while working on her collages, she was using small cut-outs of "creepy" figures. She decided that rather than adhering the paper versions of the creepy people, she would use them as "models" and paint each of the tiny figures on the self-portrait she painted on canvas. The results are shown here. I think the work is inspired and AWESOME!!! Here's what Coco has written about this work (printed with her permission, of course). “These women (the men too) represent suppressed issues/addictions/creepy people, who we deal with,
they're being drawn into the "therapist/higher self/good conscience”. Issues hopefully get resolved (pencil drawn woman).

[The] woman in back is in pencil...emerging or disappearing, she's the first one [from] the bottom [group] to meet with the 'therapist/higher self/good conscience, fellow. Hence, resolving an issue.

My beloved dog, who died this past June. He'll be in all my work. He represents for me unconditional love, he's sitting on a strap = support.”


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